Prostration in Arabic is known as Sujud. In Islam, Prostration is to praise Allah’s Blessing. It is an important and obligatory part of the 5 prayers that are performed daily. When we prostrate I front of Allah SWT, it shows the servility. There are many verses in Quran and numerous Hadiths that reflects the blessings that are related with the act of prostration. Sajdah can be the most important way to get closer to Allah. There are two types of Sajdah in Quran, these are

Sajdat AL- Tilawah

Sajdat AL-Tilawah is the Sajdah that Muslims do during the Recitation of Holy Quran. There are 14 Sujood that are mentioned in Holy Quran. Sajdat Al-Tilawah is performed when someone recites or hear some specific Ayat of Holy Quran where sujood is mentioned.

Sajdat Al- Shukr

This is the Prostration of being thankful to Allah’s Blessings. Whenever Our Holy Prophet was blessed with some good news, He performed Sajdat AL- Shukr.

Apart from that prostration is a great Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH during five times prayers.

Benefits of Prostration (Sujood)

  • Sujood is a greatest way for realizing the power of Allah SWT. Sujood is also a great way to get the spiritual gains. Sujood can be the only way to talk to ALLAH SWT, asking for his mercy and having the right direction. Sujood can help in getting the pleasure of Allah. It also helps in getting inner peace of heart and soul.
  • To ask forgiveness for our sins, we should say ‘Nawafil’. These supplementary prayers can become cause of our maghfirah. The prostration during these extra Salah bring the forgiveness from Allah Almighty.
  • Prostration is very short and easy way to please Allah SWT.
  • It is narrated by our Holy Prophet “My Ummah on that day (day of judgment) will surely have bright faces because of Sujood, and bright arms and feet because of ablution.”
  • Sajdah can be the greatest reason to get closer to our Lord.
  • To seek the guidance and right way, Prostration is best way. We feel more close to Allah Almighty and ask anything about this world or the world hereafter.
  • Our Holy prophet said that, “Whoever humbles himself before Allah, Allah will elevate him.” (Muslim)

Benefits of Prostration in Medical Science

When the forehead of a person touches theearth, it reflects that the person is praying to Allah. In this position, the Muslims are nearest to their Creator, ALLAH SWT, as prostration is the peak of closeness to Allah SWT during prayers.

  • Sajdah reduces the anxiety, depression and stress in human body.
  • It is also the most important for curing the depression, as sajdah improves the blood circulation in our body.
  • When we touch our forehead to the ground, the more blood moves towards our brain and it causes the improvements in the central nervous system.
  • By the improvement in our blood circulation, the chances of heart attack and stroke automatically becomes low.
  • Prostration boosts the immune system of our body with the improvements in peaceful sleep.
  • Prostration is the great way for our mental, spiritual and emotional healing.
  • People who perform prayers regularly are on the low chance of getting headaches, and psychological problems. Because during the sujood the neck muscles are in best exercise.
  • The different position of Sajdah also has healthy effects on the back muscles. After performing the Sajdah, while we get up, our back muscles contract actively, and they become stronger.
  • It can also be the reason that those who perform prayers regularly are on the lower risk of getting backaches.

We should not merely perform prayer for the sake of medical benefits, rather we should also seek for the spiritual benefits and for the success in the world hereafter. The greatest blessing that we get from the prayer is the peace of mind that a person gets when he performs Salah with the full devotion.

May Allah SWT accept our prayers and prostrations. ameen