Customer Care Services

Customer Care Services

Husna Technology online Quran Academy always care about their customer. We want that our customers always feel good about our services, classes, teacher, fees policies, and online Quran classes timing. Our customer support team actively respond all the inquiries and queries of our students and customers 24/7. Husna Technology take actions and resolve your issues or queries with in24 hrs. To make sure to provide the best customer support services and provide possible feedback against the customer queries.

Also, if the Husna Technology not provide you the classes on your schedule time. Then we will do refund your fees or reschedule your classes.

Refund Policy

Husna Technology fee refund policy for the students. According to our fee policy, once the trail classes time period is over then the students request to refund their whole fees. If the students take one class after the trial classes then they will be not able to request for the refund. Let’s have a look to the different cases for refund your fees.

Also, if the Husna Technology not provide you the classes on your schedule time. Then we will do refund your fees or reschedule your classes.

Case 1

Students can only request a fee refund after the trial classes.

Case 2

Students can request a refund if the Online Madrasa failed to provide the classes on their schedule.

Case 3

If the students take one class after the trial classes they will not be able to request a refund of the fees.

Case 4

If the students can hold classes for any reason then the amount will be transferred for the next month’s classes.

Case 5

If the refund cost is more than a fee, then Husna Technology does not offer a fee refund.

Privacy Policy

We care about our customer, students, teachers, and employee’s data and privacy. Our student’s data, personal information, and other personal details are valuable for us. Husna Technology team take very good care of their data and give importance to protect their privacy.

Husna Technology assure their students, teachers, customers, and employee that our organization will not sell or redistribute your personal details, data, email, Phone numbers and other information to anyone. As, it’s our responsibility to take care of your personal information.

If you have questions or concerns related to this privacy policy, feel free to contact us with our support team 24/7.

Terms of Service

Once you or your kids are register in our online Quran classes, Language Classes, or Islamic courses classes. You have to make sure to follow these terms of services and conditions.

  1. After the 2 or 3 trail classes, you have to decide to enroll yourself or your kids in our online Quran classes or courses.
  2. When you enrolled in our online courses you must pay your fee before due date. If you do not pay your fees on given time 4 days after due date, our system will automatically paused you from our online classes.
  3. If the payment is overdue for more than 7 days we reserve the right to stop you from taking classes.
  4. In case you hold your classes for a week or two, and if a student want to learn or continue with same then the student must pay the half fee for that time period a half fee to reserve its slot with recommend teachers.
  5. Whenever the student want to take off from the classes they must update their teacher, if they do not update the teachers then the makeup classes will be not entertained.
  6. The makeup classes will be arranged only when a teacher have a free slot.
  7. If a student want to cancel their classes, they must update their teacher a day before via email or Skype.
  8. Husna Technology reserve the right to cancel enrollment of any students if they’re absent for more than a week.
  9. Once you enrolled with a teacher, then for a month you’ll not be able to change your teacher.
  10. Husna Technology can change your teacher anytime to maintain the quality of teaching.
  11. In case if a teacher resigns from our academy then we will provide new Quran teacher.
  12. These Terms of service and conditions are applicable on all students.