Urdu Language

If you are looking for an Urdu language course then you are at the right place. Here you can take online classes in the Urdu language course at your comfort time.

Urdu tutor offers an online Urdu language course for everyone i.e. kids and adults.

As we know learning another language other than your mother tongue by yourself is a difficult task. But you don’t have to worry about it we are here to help you learn Urdu language flawlessly.

You can not only learn Urdu from our Urdu teacher but you can also learn English, Arabic, and Pashto from our other teachers as well.

After completing this course you will be able to write, read and speak Urdu as a native Urdu speaker.

Online Urdu Course Description

If you wanted to read, write and speak the Urdu language then you will need a teacher to teach you the basics of Urdu i.e., words of Urdu and how you can pronounce them correctly.

Following is the overview of the Urdu language course:

Urdu Course for Beginners

We have divided the Urdu language course into the following chapters for beginners.

  • Urdu Alphabets
  • Urdu Verbs
  • Basic sentences of Urdu
  • Past Tense
  • Present Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Urdu sentences: Conventional use

Advanced Level Urdu

In the advanced level course of Urdu, the students can learn all the seven chapters and the advanced grammar of Urdu.

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Urdu Course Details

Do you plan to learn Urdu? We offer you an exciting opportunity to become a native Urdu speaker and expert in writing within a few months.

We assign every student an experienced Urdu teacher to teach you the online Urdu language easily. Our Urdu tutor is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to teach you the urdu language.

Online Urdu Language

Overall 60 million people speak the Urdu language in India and Pakistan. Attending an online class is a new way to learn Urdu as it reduces the issues of attending physical classes and paying a huge amount of fees to universities and colleges.

Also, finding an Urdu tutor is a challenging task where Urdu is a primary language. It can be difficult to find an Urdu speaker who can use the language correctly and fluently.

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu and official language in India. As it is one of the most famous languages for understanding South Asia and the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.

In addition to these regions, Urdu is also frequently spoken in the Middle East, Canada, the USA, and other countries by people who moved from India or Pakistan.

Benefits of online Urdu language

Following are the advantages you will get when you enrolled in the online Urdu language course:

    • We provide national and international teachers with high-level experience in teaching Urdu online. Registering yourself or your kids with us will be a good option for you to get the benefits to learn Urdu.
    • We have both male and female teachers which is a plus point for you. It’s your choice whether you wanted to learn from males or females.
    • We are offering a complete and concise course in which you will have no issues while attending the classes.
    • We have launched an app to see the online progress of students and lessons of the courses so you can check them whenever you wanted to.
    • Class timings can be scheduled according to your choice and you can change them according to your choice.

If you are interested in the online Urdu language course then get register yourself or your kids by contacting us or on our website. You can ask anything related to any language course.