​English Language

Nowadays, every person’s need is to learn English properly. We are one of the best online academies who are providing the services to learn English online.

The online English course is specially added to the courses for those living remotely. Many certain reasons can stop you to learn English in a physical class.

Keep in mind that our English tutor has designed the structure of the online English course more easily. First, you should know about the basic language skills of English.

Following are the skills we will cover in the online English course:

    • Speaking Skills
    • Reading Skills
    • Writing Skills
    • Listening Skills

Speaking skills

Every individual desires to speak English fluently. we offer you an online English course in which you can brighten your speaking skills.

Our English teacher will guide you on how can you purify your English accent and after practicing you will be able to speak English like natives.

Reading skills

Reading consistently can make you perfect in the English language. Reading levels and books can improve your English vocabulary.

You will learn in the online English course about all the techniques of reading. Whereas you can also learn how can you engage yourself to practice reading daily.

Writing skills

The second thing important skill in an online English course is writing skills. Our experienced and professional English tutor will improve your writing skills.

In this online English course, you will learn according to the rule of grammar and writing. Following are the writing topics you will cover to learn English online:

    • Copywriting
    • Essays
    • Article writing
    • Short stories writing
    • Summary of Paragraph
    • Technical writing
    • Descriptions

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Listening skills

To learn English fluently you need to improve your listening skills first. In our online English course, we offer you, special classes, for the practice of listening.

English tutor will give you tasks on daily basis to practice listening skills. He will also suggest subjects to improve your listening skills.

Our English language Teachers

Every English teacher is experienced, extremely well trained, and knowledgeable.

Every English tutor is hired after a screen test and interview to check their talents and capabilities and whether they can teach the students better or not.

In addition, our English teacher will first inquire about your primary language before starting your language course.

Every English tutor is assigned to a participant who is a fluent teacher of that course and they will teach you in your primary language to break the communication barrier.

Learning English Grammar course

Learning English grammar is also the part of online English course that we offer. In this part, you will learn about the basic rules of forming English sentences and their structure of them.

Moreover, you will learn about basic English grammar like active voice, passive voice, direct and indirect, subject, clauses, phrases, parts of speech, and tenses in the online English course.

Our Goals

Our goals in teaching English are very defined and clear. We see our students in the line of those people who can speak English flawlessly.

We aim to make you lead the race of highly effective learners and we focus on providing quality education.

What are the requirements for taking online classes of English?

For taking an online class to learn English online, you will need the following things:

  • PC or Laptop/ Smart Phone
  • A notebook to note down all the important points of lectures.
  • A Strong internet connection

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons for choosing us to learn English course. One of them is that we teach with the aim and passion of educating you.

In addition, we also help the poor who can not afford fees for learning any language. There are some discounts if you register for more than one course at a time. We teach you according to your flexible hours.