​English Language

Learning the English language is the need of the day. Husna Technologies is one of the best online academies providing the services of online learning English classes. The online English language course is specially included in the courses for enriching those living remotely. Many reasons stop you from learning English in a physical class. Keeping the point in mind, our scholars have designed the structure of the English language course. First, you will need to know about basic language skills. They are:

    • Listening skills
    • Speaking skills 
    • Reading skills
    • Writing skills

Listening skills 

For acquiring any second language, first, you have to improve your listening skills. English language courses with Husna Technologies offer you special classes to practice listening. The tutors will give you tasks daily. They will also suggest subjects for improving your listening skills.

Speaking skills 

Speaking English is the desire of every individual. Online English language classes offer you opportunities to brighten your skills of speaking. The presence of an international tutor will purify your accent, and soon you will be speaking English like natives. 

Writing skills 

The best of all skills in any language is writing skills. Husna Technologies’ adept and professional tutors will enhance your writing skills. In the course, you will learn according to set rules of writing and grammar. In the language course, you will learn writing:

    • Essays 
    • Descriptions
    • Copywriting 
    • Technical writing 
    • Article writing
    • Summarizing paragraph
    • Writing short stories

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Reading skills 

Reading makes a perfect man. Reading books improves your vocabulary status. You will learn in the English language course about the techniques of reading. However, you can also learn how to engage yourself in reading practice. 

Learning English Grammar course

The Grammar course is part of the English language course that Husna Technologies offers. You will learn in the course the basic rules of forming English language sentences, kinds of sentences, and structure of the sentence. Furthermore, you will learn about basic grammar, for example, Parts of speech, Active and Passive voice, Direct and Indirect Narration, Object, Subject, Predicate, Clauses and Phrases, and Tenses in the English language.

Features of Husna Technologies

All the classes are taken in a friendly environment.

    • For improving your accent, we provide the services of national and international tutors and scholars. 
    • The class timing is flexible and according to your choices. 
    • All the classes are based on advanced technologies.
    • Weekly evaluation report.
    • Focus on student learning outcomes. 
    • All the course material is available at our site; you can download it anywhere and anytime you want to read it. 

Our Goals

Our goals are very clearly defined. We see you in the line of those who speak English fluently. In the race of highly effective learners, we aim to make you lead them.