Quran Recitation

The basic syllabus of the Quran Recitation course includes learning the Quran reading and understanding the Quran.

In the Quran recitation course, you will be able to learn the accurate pronunciation of every word of the Holy Quran and how you can read them properly. 

Our tutors will guide and teach you the importance of reading the Quran correctly. After this course, you will be able to recite the Quran according to the Qirat rules.

Are the Quran Recitation and Arabic Language the same courses?

The question that comes to mind is whether learning the Quran recitation and the Arabic language is the same course.

No, both are different from each other. The reason is that the language of the Quran is different from the Arabic language which people speak.

The words of the Quran have different meanings so if someone can speak Arabic that does not mean they can recite the Quran without tajweed and the actual meaning of the words.


Why Quran reading is necessary for us?

Learning Quran in every aspect is very essential for us whether it is learning Quran translation, Quran recitation, Quran memorization, and knowledge of the Quran.

Whereas, the Quran recitation course has different chapters that you will learn according to your schedule of classes that our tutor will set up for you.

Quran Recitation Course Plan

Another question might come to your mind how can you learn the Quran reading more easily?

To learn Quran reading in an easy and better way, our teachers have divided the Quran recitation course into chapters and parts. You can ask the teacher for the whole plan of lessons for this course. 

Following are the chapters of the Quran recitation course that our teachers will teach the students:

  • Arabic Alphabets and their Sounds
  • Pronunciation of Arabic Phonemes
  • Punctuation in Holy Quran

We offer:

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Arabic Alphabets and their Sounds

In the course, you will be able to know about all the Arabic Alphabet and their sounds.

In the Arabic Language, there are 28 alphabets and each of them is divided into phonemes. Phonemes mean all the sounds which a language has.

Some of its phonemes are similar to the Urdu language and some Urdu phonemes can’t be found in the Arabic language.

So the basic first chapter of the Quran recitation course is the teaching of the structure of Arabic sounds and how they can make meaningful words and then complete sentences in Arabic.

Pronunciation of Arabic Phonemes

The second chapter of the online Quran recitation is the pronunciation of Arabic phonemes. For Quran recitation, it is compulsory to learn all the pronunciation of Arabic phonemes.

Learning the Arabic sounds is not much difficult but it might be a lit bit difficult when you need to do it according to the tajweed.

Online Quran recitation will help you to pronounce the Quran’s words accurately. In this chapter, our experienced tutor will help and teach you how you can pronounce each Arabic phoneme.

Punctuation in Holy Quran

The third chapter, punctuation in Holy Quran includes how you can learn the meaning of punctations in the holy Quran.

It is important to know the meaning of punctations in speech because it can change the structure of meaning.

In online Quran recitation, our teachers will teach you how you can do Quran recitation according to punctuation marks in the Quran.

In the Quran, there are certain places where you should take a break while reciting it and sometimes you need to continue reciting.

Benefits of our online Quran recitation course

Following are the advantages you will get when you enrolled in the online Quran recitation course:

    • We are offering a complete and concise course in which you will have no issues while attending the classes.
    • We provide national and international teachers with high-level experience in teaching the Quran online. Registering yourself or your kids with us will be a good option for you to get the benefits of learning Quran recitation.
    • Class timings can be scheduled according to your choice and you can change them according to your choice.
    • We have both male and female teachers which is a plus point for you. It’s your choice whether you wanted to learn from males or females.
    • We have launched an app to see the online progress of students and lessons of the courses so you can check them whenever you wanted to.

If you are interested in the online Quran recitation course then get register yourself or your kids by contacting us.


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