Islamic Course

Husna Technologies is one of the best online academies for learning Islamic knowledge. Every Muslim man and woman are obliged to learn Islamic knowledge. At least you should learn about Islam an amount of information that you can lead your 24 hours life according to the golden rules of Islam. Nowadays, in the modern technological era, learning has become very easy via online classes. You can enroll yourself in any course of Islamic courses sitting in any corner of the world.

Online Islamic course

Online Islamic course is for those who want to learn more about the religion. Especially, the newly converted Muslims who need to learn about Islam to lead their life according to the commandments of Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran, and direction of Hazrat Muhammad SAW revealed in the tradition.

Online Islamic Corse is a course in which you will learn about the basics of Islam and some additional knowledge of Islamic principles on which the religion exists. Incorporating many courses under one broad term lets you know about religion comprehensively and concisely. The chapter and topics which Husna Technologies will cover are:

Chapter and Topics in online Islamic course

  • Aqidah
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Fiqh
  • Tajweed
  • Hadith
  • Tafseer
  • History of Islam


In this chapter, you will learn about the Aqidha. It means that what is important to believe in for being a Muslim. There are seven basic Aqayed that a Muslim must admit. You cannot enter into the circle of Islam if you ignore one of them. They are: believe in the oneness of Allah, believe in Angels, believe in Holy books, believe in all Prophets of Allah, believe in the day of judgment, believe in good fortune and bad fortune that they are from Allah, and believe in life after death.

Pillars of Islam

Pillars of Islam is a chapter in an online Islamic course. Being Muslims, we should follow the structure of Islam completely. Our tutors are passionate to let you know about the foundation of Islam that is laid on five pillars. They are:

  • Shahada
  • Salah
  • Zakat
  • Sawm (Fasting)
  • Hajj (pilgrimage)

If you neglect practicing anyone of them, you cannot be a perfect Muslim. In the Islamic course, you will learn in detail about these. By uttering shahada (testifying the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad SAW), you become obliged to follow all the rules of Islam. So, you have to hold all five pillars to complete the course of Islam.

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Fiqh course

In the online Islamic course, this chapter is comprised of Fiqh principles. You will learn in the course about all four schools of thought that are established to solve issues and questions that remain unsolved. After the Prophet Muhammad SAW and Companions RA era, many problems needed solutions. For this purpose, all the Ulama together structure a group to discover the unveiled mysteries. Our national and international scholars will teach you the basic principles of Fiqh and how these schools of thought decide.


Tajweed is a chapter in an online Islamic course. In the chapter, you will learn the rules of articulating the words in Quran Majeed. However, Husna Technologies also offer a separate course for learning Quran with tajweed. But in an Islamic course, our tutors will teach you some basics of tajweed rules.


Being a Muslim, as learning Quran is important, similarly learning Hadith is also important. The topic is specially included in the Islamic course to give you a touch of Hadith. The chapter is subdivided into sub-topic like Hadith learning, the importance of Hadith, books of Hadith, degrees of Hadith. However, if you want to learn Hadith completely, enroll yourself in an online Hadith course.


Husna Technologies is the only academy offering online classes of Tafseer of Quran. Though it is a sub-topic in Islamic courses, our tutors passionately teach you Tafseer. There are many verses in the Holy Quran that are not easy to understand by just knowing the translation of the Quran. So, in Tafseer’s class, you can learn the hidden meaning of the Holy Quran.

History of Islam

The chapter is specially included in the syllabus to let you know about the glorious history of Islam. A roar of ‘Allah Akbar’ rose from a town in Arab, Makkah, and spread in the expanse of the whole world. In the course, you will learn how Islam went through the passage of 1400 years. How many hardships and struggles did our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Companion bear for the emergence of Islam.

Why choose Husna technologies?

Husna Technologies is the only online academy for learning Islam. We offer an online class for learning in flexible hours. Our tutors are hardworking and adept in their respective fields. Also, we provide the services of local and international tutors. The best in our classes is that we focus on student-centered learning, in which you have full access to ask any question and receive satisfying answers. Furthermore, live classes engage you more with the learning process.