Pashto Language

The Pashto language is nowadays increasingly emerging to an international level. However, it is a local language in Pakistan spoken in many northern and western regions. But, it is the official language of Afghanistan. Pashto is an ancient language among other contemporary local languages. It has a rich history. Many renowned scholars and poets served the Pashto language to a wide range. Bulks of books are available on the internet and in the bookshops enriched with the jewels of knowledge. Husna Technologies is the only online language academy that offers you languages courses. One of These courses is the Pashto language course. 

Pashto Language Course 

Pashto language course is the easiest of all courses that Husna Technologies offers. Having the services of native speakers, you can learn Pashto in a real accent. However, some of you might think that you know Pashto very well. But, actually, the Pashto you speak and the Pashto in original form are different. You speak Pashto, the compound of other languages like Urdu and English. There are many words that you use in the Pashto language, but they are not Pashto words. A specific word is present in the Pashto language for the one you use of another language while speaking Pashto. In an online Pashto language course, you will learn Pashto Alphabets, Pashto writing, Pashto speaking, and Pashto dictionary.

Pashto Alphabet

There are 45 letters in the Pashto language. Though many letters have similar sounds as letters in the Urdu language, their structure is different. For learning any language first, you will need to learn its alphabet. Our tutor will provide you charts to easily locate the specific letter you will be asked in an online class on language learning. 

Pashto dictionary

Using the Pashto dictionary is a bit challenging. It is not like using an English dictionary. Our language expert will convince you to use the Pashto dictionary and find out the meaning of difficult words and phrases. 

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Pashto writing skills 

If Pashto is your mother tongue, you can speak it very well, but as for writing in the Pashto language, you have to learn it somewhere from an academy. Husna Technologies is a language academy focused on teaching many languages, including Pashto. There are special hours to practice Pashto writing during the course.

Pashto Reading 

Do you know some of your friends cannot read Pashto text? So, Husna Technologies will educate you on the skill of Pashto reading. However, the Urdu language and Pashto language text look similar, but they are different in context. 

Requirements for an online language class

You don’t have to keep the bulk of books while sitting in an online class. You need to have:

    • Mobile Phone/ Laptop or PC
    • An active internet connection
    • A notebook for note-taking