Pashto Language

Nowadays, the Pashto language is increasingly appearing at an international level. Whereas it is a local language in Pakistan and it is spoken in many western and northern regions.

The Pashto language is the official language of Afghanistan. Pashto is an ancient language and it has a rich history.

Many famous poets and scholars served the Pashto language to a vast range. Lots of books are available in the bookshops and on the internet in the Pashto language enriched with the gemstone of knowledge.

Our online academy is the only one that offers people to learn Pashto and other languages.

Online Pashto Course

The online Pashto course is one of the easiest courses that we offer. We have different Pashto tutor who helps you to learn Pashto easily and simply.

Some people think that they know about Pashto very well but this is not the case because the Pashto they speak and the Pashto language in its original form is different.

After this course, you will be able to speak Pashto like you speak other languages like English and Urdu.

Some of the words you use in the Pashto language are not Pashto words. In our online Pashto course you will be able to learn the following topics:

  • Pashto Alphabets
  • Pashto Reading
  • Pashto Writing
  • Pashto Dictionary

Pashto Alphabets

The total number of letters in the Pashto language is 45 and many letters have the same sounds as they are in the Urdu language but their structure is different.

For learning any language you must learn its alphabet first. Our Pashto tutor will provide you with charts of the letters to locate any specific letter you will be asked for in the online Pashto course.

Pashto Reading

Some people can not read the text which is written in Pashto so for this purpose we will educate you to learn how you can read Pashto.

Whereas the text in the Pashto language and Pashto language looks the same but they are different in terms of context.

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Pashto writing

If your mother tongue is Pashto then you can speak it fluently but to write Pashto you have to learn it in an academy.

We are a language academy that focused on teaching different languages including the Pashto language.

We have set special hours to practice Pashto writing during the course so you can attend those classes to practice Pashto writing.

Pashto dictionary

The second topic of the online Pashto course is its dictionary which is a bit challenging. it is not like using an Urdu or English dictionary.

Our Pashto teacher will help you to use the dictionary and how you can find the meaning of difficult phrases and words.

Our Online Pashto Tutor

Our every Pashto teacher is extremely well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Every Pashto language tutor is hired after a screen test and interview to check their talents and capabilities and whether they can teach the students better or not.

In addition, our Pashto teacher will inquire about your primary language before starting your language course.

Every Pashto tutor is assigned to a participant who is a fluent teacher of that course and they will teach you in your primary language to break the communication barrier.

What are the requirements for taking online classes?

For taking an online class to learn Arabic, you will need the following things:

    • PC or Laptop/ Smart Phone
    • A notebook to note down all the important points of lectures.
    • A Strong internet connection

Why Choose Us?

There are certain reasons for choosing us to learn an Arabic course. One of them is that we teach with the aim and passion of educating you.

In addition, we also help the poor who can’t afford fees for learning any language. There are some discounts if you register for more than one course. We teach you according to your flexible hours.