Understanding The Quran 

Understanding of the Quran Majeed is obligatory for every Muslim. From birth to death, all the happenings in between depend on the understanding of the Noble Quran. For becoming a pious Muslim, not only should you learn to read Quran, but you should also understand its meaning and messages.

Hundreds of online Madrasas serve their services as Quran teaching in different languages. Learning Quran online gives you relief in time-saving, and effortlessly you can learn Quran translation in Urdu, Pashto, and English language.

 Husna Technologies has immense impacts in educating the people with the ornament of the teaching of the Quran. Educating you with the instruction of the Quran is our primary aim. We, in real meaning, bring easiness for those who want to understand the noble Quran but have meagre resources. So, Husna Technologies is an excellent platform where you and your kids can learn the Holy Quran for affordable fees and inflexible hours.

Learning and understanding Quran Course

Husna Technologies organizes learning and understanding Quran courses for those who want to learn Quran by wordy meaning. However, only wordy meaning is not enough while understanding the teaching of the Quran. So, our proficient tutors and scholars have searched out the bulk of books to find out jewels in the knowledge of the Quran for your easy understanding and bestowing you with the best knowledge of Quran Shareef.

Furthermore, we also teach basic Quran lessons for beginners. You kids can learn the basic and essential teaching of Islam and the Quran. In the course, we teach about the hidden messages from Allah that you cannot get without learning from an online teacher. In addition, understanding the Quran course engages you in reciting the Quran. Therefore, we aim to teach you Quran translation.

Course planning of understanding Holy Quran

You will be glad to know that our professors designed the course planning of understanding the Quran according to your interest and need of the day. It is necessary to learn some parts of the Quran Majeed by heart. Similarly, it is necessary to know the meaning of some parts of the Quran.

However, the Quran Majeed is important to learn its translation, but some Surahs are important to learn their meaning and memorize by heart. The Ulama that provide their services via Husna Technologies aims to order the teaching of these Surahs. According to the course planning, we teach Surah Mulk, Surah Waqia, the last 20 Surah of Quran Sharif; few form the last Ayats of Surah Baqra, including Ayat ul Kursi.

The most beneficial fact of our online courses is that we provide fruitful knowledge of the Quran to Non-Muslim who want to study Islam and the Quran for research purpose or inspiration. Husna Technologies has included in course planning a special course for non-Muslims.

Furthermore, there are some short courses for kids to learn the translation of Namaz and six Karmas. The tutors pay special attention to the kids at the beginner level.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Benefits of understanding Quran Course

Quran has a solution to every hurdle in life. Understanding the Quran helps in sorting out the complex conflicts in life. While you are in a problem, you can take help from Quran. But it will need you to learn it thoroughly. Eventually, it is a complete guide that incorporates all the principles of leading a successful life; and gaining success in this life and after death. You can only grasp the Quran by registering yourself in an online course of understanding the Quran With Husna Technologies. Furthermore, the understanding of the Quran helps you unlock the myths of life.

Characteristics of our online courses

Following are some of the characteristics of our online courses that will let you know how we teach, what we teach, and when we teach?

    • Complete understanding of verses in the Quran.
    • In short courses, memorization of short Surahs
    • Knowing about Prophets of Allah SWT
    • The teaching of basics of Islam
    • The overview of revealing of Surahs

All the classes are taken under the supervision of the head-tutor—equal opportunity for male and female students. We provide the services of both male and female teachers. The timing of the online Quran understanding is decided at the time of registration. However, Husna Technologies offers Classes in flexible hours. You can choose a time of your choice.

Features of understanding the Quran course

Some features make Husna Technologies the perfect option for learning the Quran. Our countless qualities will convince you to choose us for registering yourself and your kids. Husna Technologies aims to educate you with the best knowledge of the Quran in the presence of national and international Quran and Tafseer teachers. Besides the zealous efforts of our tutors, we have designed an app where you can evaluate yourself and your children. The timing of classes is adjustable. If you missed the class due to unwanted circumstances, you could take it again by asking the tutors to let you in the online Quran understanding class.